The Meat Business GTA San AndreasRosie is back in the pink in The Meat Business, but still as paranoid as ever.

After a pep talk from Carl, Rosie agrees to try and take control by heading over to the Sindaccos to show them who’s boss. This is not going to end well, is it?

Drive him back over to the Sindocco abattoir. It’s worth topping up your health and armour before you reach it as this is a gun fight mission

When you reach the abattoir step through the yellow door and the cut scene begins. Sure enough Johnny recognises Carl and mayhem ensues.

A molotov cocktail blocks the way out, so you’ll need to fight your way through while Ken ‘Rosie’ Rosenberg looks for a fire extinguisher. Crouch and pick your way through the abattoir, keeping a close eye on Rosenberg’s health as he gets attacked by the first wave. The red blips indicate the mafia inside the abattoir and the direction they are facing.

Sure enough Rosenberg’s courage deserts him and he hides in the freezer. Get him out quickly as his health will drain inside the freezer.

Pick your way through slowly or you risk running out of health. There are health and armour icons inside if you start running low. Watch out for mafia above you on the boxes in the final room as you’ll need to be at the right angle to deal with them. Another alternative is to throw a grenade in their direction as long as you make sure you’re clear of the blast.

When you’ve dealt with all the witnesses head for the exit and drive back to the casino to earn $8000 and yet more respect.

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