Stowaway GTA San AndreasAfter N.O.E., Stowaway is a lot more fun and considerably easier. Some traitors from a rival department to Toreno have stolen some land mines and plan to sell them in the Middle East. Your job is to stop them by blowing up the plane and its dangerous cargo.

Before you start switch to a good mêlée weapon – the sword is a useful one.

The plane is just about to take off, but you have a chance to intercept it by jumping on the nearby motorbike and driving up the ramp which they’ve left open as they try and make their escape. The agents will throw barrels at you, but you can relatively easily drive around them by staying slightly to the side.

Don’t waste any time getting going or you’ll miss your plane – hit the accelerator as soon as the mission starts!

Once aboard work your way up through the alcoves dodging the barrels and taking out the agents in each alcove. Don’t use a gun or it will blow up the plane. Bizarrely the agents seem to stand still much of the time letting you take them out.

Once you’re aboard, the checkpoint is saved and you start again on the plane.

When you reach the end of the plane kill the agent with the parachute and then drop a satchel charge. Run to the end of the ramp and then detonate it, jumping out the plane at the same time.

Don’t worry about switching to your parachute as it will automatically deploy. Float to the ground and it’s a cool $20000 for the trouble.

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