If you pick up some wanted stars in the crossfire, you can simply stop at the Pay'N'Spray.T-Bone Mendez is the next member of the syndicate to meet, now you’ve proved yourself to Jizzy, and he’s a charmer.

When you meet at the club, Jizzy finds out that one of his vans has been ambushed. The van is located on the highway and on arrival four bikes ride off with the stash leaving you to chase them all down on a fifth bike which has been conveniently left for you.

You can retrieve the packages in three ways depending on your bike skills. Either drive up very close to the bike and use the hand symbol to snatch it off the back which is the quickest way to get the package. Have your finger ready over the hand symbol which appears middle left.

Alternatively, use the forward facing gun to shoot the biker. Finally, drive alongside and do a drive-by  which we found to be the most effective way to stop them, albeit the trickiest to get alongside and the slowest. It can be better to take them out as they will shoot at you when you take the package, but it’s not essential.

The bikers spread out all around town, so it will take a while to track them down. Use the map to check where the next one is and where it’s heading.

If you pick up some wanted stars in the crossfire, you can simply stop at the Pay’N’Spray.

You have plenty of time, but if you’re slow you’ll get a warning that the remaining bikes are heading back to the rendez-vous point so it’s a race to reach them before you run out of time.

Once you’ve collected all four packages, head back to the club. Any remaining bikes will try and chase you down, but if you’re good enough on a bike to collect the packages, then you can outrun them without too much trouble. Or you can just take them out.

Reach the club and it’s $5000 into the kitty and more respect points.

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