The Mike Toreno mission sees you meet the next member of the Syndicate. They are in trouble yet again and it’s down to you to sort it out.

The yay shipment has been stolen and Mike Toreno is in the back of the stolen van using his phone to keep you updated on his position. His phone is running low on battery, so you only have five and a half minutes to locate him before the signal runs out and you lose the trail. Cue a fast ride around town, but unfortunately you have the use the car T-Bone jumps in.

Mike Toreno GTA San AndreasFollow the directions you are given and keep moving as fast as you can without destroying the vehicle. First you head off to Doherty – make sure you use the map to pick the fastest route. Next it’s off to the docks and finally the airport. Use the railway line next to the coast to get there traffic free, but don’t go into the underground tunnel or you’ve gone too far south!

When you arrive at the airport use the signal strength tracker to follow the van. Go right when you enter the gates and up the ramp as the van will be in the east of the airport area.

Keep ramming the van and using your drive-by on the bikes. Don’t blow up the van as Mike is still inside. Once you’ve caused the van enough damage the goons will jump out and it’s a straight shoot out with T-Bone on your side, although you can just run them over. Or you can be risk averse and drive away and use a sniper rifle.

Finally, destroy the evidence by blowing up the van and head for the exit. When you get there, you will pick up three wanted stars. Lose them and head back to the club. Again, the railway line is a good option to avoid the traffic. There’s a Pay’N’Spray near your garage.

Make it back and there’s $7000 in it for you and more respect points.

Top tip:

If you find you’re short of time, you can skip driving around and just head straight for the airport!

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