Jizzy GTA San AndreasFor Jizzy, it’s a long drive all the way back to the garage to trigger the next mission as Carl looks to infiltrate the Loco Syndicate.

Woozie identifies the members of the syndicate from the photos Carl took. Carl decides the best way in is the local pimp, the aptly named Jizzy, who runs the Pleasure Domes Club under the Gant Bridge. Head over there in any vehicle.

A little flattery and Jizzy asks you to do a job for him. First you need to drive one of his girls downtown to a hotel. Simple enough.

When you’ve dropped her off, you’ll then have two minutes to take out a rival pimp. Use the a map to plot the quickest route to Hashbury. Two minutes is plenty of time and then all you need to do when you get there is to run the rival pimp over but avoid killing the girl or you’ll fail the mission. Approach him via the pavement and he should become separated from the girl.

This then triggers the next cut scene and the harder part of the mission. Some of Jizzy’s girls are getting beaten up and he asks you to investigate and sort it out. You’ll need to get there before the girl is killed. Use a SMG or similar weapon to take out the two guys.

It turns out Jizzy needs all kinds of jobs doing. The girl you drove to the hotel now wants out of the game and Jizzy wants revenge on the sugar daddy that persuaded her.

If you’ve damaged the pimpmobile take it to a Pay’N’Spray on the way to repair it as if it explodes in the next part of the mission you’ll be back to square one. Fortunately, there’s one on the way and even better they won’t charge you for it.

When you reach the hotel, you’ll need to take out the SUV and the white limo using a drive-by before they reach Angel Pine.

Now you could save a lot of time by driving a parallel route, getting ahead of them and then jumping out of your car and using a rocket launcher if you have one. It’s more fun though to chase them down.

If not, drive carefully alongside the SUV to avoid starting a chase and use a SMG drive-by to destroy it and then the limo. Be careful of the damage to the pimpmobile as the SUV is a more robust vehicle and just ramming it is less likely to work. Take your time as even if you spin, bizarrely their vehicles slow down leaving you plenty of time to catch up. The limo in particular is slow up the hills.

When you’ve taken out both vehicles, you’ll gain two wanted stars, but will also have completed the mission, so either take it to a Pay’N’Spray or just enjoy the police chase. You’ll also have triggered the Woozie missions.

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