Photo Opportunity GTA San AndreasIn Photo Opportunity, Cesar is on the line having being tipped off about a Balla Car heading to San Fierro to score some yay. Your job is to find out who is supplying them.

Rather than the usual all guns blazing approach, you have to play paparazzi and photograph them for evidence. First though is a long drive to go and join Cesar who is all the way back at the Mulholland Intersection. Cesar tells you to hurry although it won’t actually affect the mission if you take your time.

Grab a fast vehicle and head over there, you’ll use Cesar’s lowrider when you get there. Then it’s another long drive to Angel Pine, although quite why Cesar couldn’t just meet you there in the first place is anyone’s guess… The coastal route is usually the quickest. You can’t switch cars either, so try not to flip his car through flamboyant driving or you’ll have to do the long drive again.

When you arrive, drive into the red marker and then climb up the stairs on the outside of the building in front of you. On the far corner is another red marker. You’ll then automatically be switched to the camera.

There are four photographs you need to take. When the car arrives zoom in fully and make sure you photograph their faces or you’ll fail the mission and face yet more driving. The first two will arrive in the car park to the left of the Clucking Bell so get ready. The second to arrive to the right of the restaurant. Be quick as they’ll only be facing you for a few seconds and remember to be zoomed in.

When you’ve snapped all four faces, Cesar will drop you off in Angel Pine to make your own way back to the garage, although we think the least he can do is give you a lift after dragging you around the islands…

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