How to get into the airports in GTA San Andreas
Park next to the cabin, then jump onto your vehicle

GTA San Andreas is a sprawling mass of cities with vast distances between them in GTA terms.

One way to speed up your journey between the islands and cities is to head for the airport and borrow a plane. A plane also allows you to do some sightseeing on the islands you’ve yet to unlock although be prepared for some serious attention from the cops as your wanted rating will shoot up as soon as you cross into another island’s territory.

The airports are easy to spot from the map, just look for the 3 runways, one on each island. Until you’ve got your official pilot’s licence you’re blocked when you try to enter the airports, but when has that ever stopped you doing something in Grand Theft Auto?

As you might expect, there is a workaround that lets you enter the airports ahead of time. Just drive up to the entrance gate (follow the perimeter until you reach the metal gate). Park your vehicle next to the cabin at the entrance. Jump onto your vehicle, then pull yourself up onto the cabin and then simply walk along the roof and jump down onto the other side. As a bonus, the gates will open for you if you exit the airport, so just jump into your vehicle and then drive in through the gates.

It’s worth having a vehicle with you, as the airports are vast and usually only have slow moving airport vehicles inside. This will allow you to explore and find the hidden weapons inside.

Enter the airports in GTA San Andreas
Jump up onto the roof and then jump off the other side and you’re in!

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