New Model Army GTA San AndreasNew Model Army is the final mission for Zero and the climax to his geek war with Berkley.

If you thought the first two Zero missions were hard, then this one is going to take a few attempts. It’s hardly the most ‘GTA’ of missions, but it’s certainly one of the trickiest in terms of mastering the controls.

Somehow you find yourself in a remote controlled war zone as you pilot a mini chopper to help Zero’s vehicle reach Barkley’s base. Start by manoeuvring the chopper onto the barrel and press the magnet button to pick it up. Fly to one side and drop it into the river.

The next challenge is to fly back to your base and pick up one of the planks, again using the magnet. Carefully line up the plank over the bridge and then drop it from a short height. It’s worth taking your time to line it up correctly as it will be quicker than going back to fetch another one.

An alternative and perhaps better approach is to leave the plank for later and go and fetch a bomb to drop on one of the tanks on the other side. Do this three times for all three tanks, then Zero will be able to progress without you needing to go back for a bomb. If you drop it too close to the tank then the chopper will explode. You have three of them, so it’s OK to lose one as you start again straight away from the base and have the advantage of being next to a bomb.

Either way, you’ll need to drop three bombs on the tanks to help Zero progress. Keep an eye on the damage to his vehicle as if it gets destroyed then you’ll have failed the mission.

Another clever way of saving some time is to pick up the barrels and drop them onto the tanks. Two direct hits should be enough and you can pick up the same one and drop it again.

When Zero has crossed the plank, pick it up again and put it over the next missing bridge. Just follow the track if you’re unsure where it should go.

The challenge is that in the meantime, Berkley has dropped yet more barrels for you to clear. Often this means there are too many to clear to complete the challenge in time and yet more frustration.

Top tip: We noticed that Berkley crashes his chopper sometimes leaving you free to remove any remaining barrels and deal with the planks and tanks. This gave us the idea of removing Berkley from the game by starting the mission by picking up a bomb hovering over him as he drops a barrel and then boom, he’s no longer an issue. It certainly makes it much easier to complete the mission in time.

Complete this challenge and not only will you be able to get on with being a proper gangster, but also you’ve have earned $7,000 and unlocked the asset meaning you can visit the $ sign outside it at any time and pick up free cash.

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