Supply Lines GTA San AndreasSupply Lines is the second mission for Zero and is just as fiddly as the first.

You arrive at the shop to find Zero tied up in his pants in the cupboard as Berkley has struck once again in his geek war.

Carl offers to get even on his behalf by disrupting Berkley’s mail order business through destroying his delivery vehicles.

Once again this involves mini planes only this time you have the more challenging job of piloting one.

This can be one of the most frustrating missions as you have to learn the controls. To make things more complicated you only have a limited fuel supply, so are up against the clock.

Start with the nearest targets and then work your way onto the next ones as quick as you can before they start to spread out. Even then you need to make it back to the rooftop before you run out of fuel, so it’s worth a practice run or two to master the controls and learn the position of the targets.

As with all flying missions in GTA, less is more when it comes to flying. Don’t try and over compensate by trying sharp movements and instead try and gentle swipe the controls to move.

Try and sneak up on the vehicles from behind and make sure they are directly in your sights before you start firing. They will move, so if you’re lined up exactly behind them, you can just keep firing rather than having to adjust your aim again. When you’ve destroyed the nearest two vehicles, tap on the map to work out the most efficient route to the others. Again start with the nearest one.

When you’ve destroyed the first three, fly high over the buildings to avoid any obstacles and get there as efficiently as you can to take out the last two.

Make sure after all that effort you don’t run out of fuel or mess up the landing on the roof as this can be the most frustrating part of all. Approach it carefully at the right height, line up against the longest part of the roof and then hit the breaks and land in the red marker.

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