Just Business GTA San AndreasJust Business is the final of the Los Santos missions for Big Smoke and it’s a great one to finish with. It starts with Big Smoke asking you to drive him downtown, where he reveals that the Russians are in town and things could get nasty. They do.

Big Smoke heads inside to meet up with the Russians, but once he’s inside the shooting starts and you head in to bail him out. Double tap the direction panel to crouch and if you have it use the M4 to blast your way through the Russians with ease. There’s some armour on the opposite side of the room behind a low wall.

When you’ve taken them all out head to the door to the right where you’ll head outside to take on the next wave. Again crouch and use the M4 (where to find one).

When you’ve cleared this wave, you jump onto a nearby motorbike to escape, but you’ve got serious company as the Russians chase after you on motorbikes. This time the roles are reversed and you’re doing the shooting.

It’s quite difficult to master the direction as the Russians weave in and out of the traffic chaos. Aim for the drivers rather than the bikes as that will get them off your tail more quickly. Target the motorbikes as the cars and lorries will get blocked and taken out in the carnage of roadblocks and explosions.

Keep the bike intact and after a few waves of bikes, cars and lorries you’ll finish the mission with a spectacular jump to complete the mission, earning more respect points into the bargain.