Life's a beach GTA San AndreasLife’s a Beach is the first of the OG Loc missions where, for reasons unexplained, CJ helps out the world’s worst rapper.

Jeffrey, aka OG Loc, is at the fast food restaurant between 22:00 and 6:00 and if you arrive outside these hours, just head around the corner to the property to add another 6 hours to the time by saving the game.

You’ll find OG mopping the floor in his job as ‘hygiene technician,’ but desperate to get his rap game on by securing a sound system. To shut him up CJ agrees to steal the sound system OG had spotted at a beach party, a decision he may later regret when OG decides to plug it in and assault the air waves.

When you get to the beach party resist the urge to cause your usual carnage and instead head into the red circle to speak to the DJ.

Tap thumbs up to chat and she’ll ask you to show off your moves. What follows is another spoof of guitar hero, although quite why CJ doesn’t just jack the van we don’t know.

Tap slightly before the targets are exactly lined up and you should achieve the necessary score with ease. Pass the test and the DJ invites you into her van and there’s your chance to take it.

As you head to the lockup garage, the party goers will shoot at you and chase the van in two cars. Now you could do a drive-by on the cars, it’s easier just to keep your foot to the floor and you shouldn’t have any real trouble reaching it.