Madd Dogg's Rhymes GTA San AndreasIn Madd Dogg’s Rhymes the world’s worst rapper, OG Loc, is once more dreaming of the big time. Not only can he not rap, but he also has no decent lyrics and CJ is once more roped into helping him. Why we’re not sure, but it’s a decent mission that introduces you to stealth kills.

Once you’ve endured OG Loc’s rap, you need to head to Madd Dogg’s mansion in the hills to steal his rhyme book and secure some top notch lyrics for OG Loc to ruin.

There should be a BF-400 motorbike to jump on in the car park to head over to the mansion. The entrance is around the back of the house.

When you get there you’ll see instructions on how to perform a stealth kill. Double tap to crouch and then sneak up behind the guards. The red markers show the direction in which the guards are facing.

Once you’ve dealt with the second guard, keep an eye on the radar to watch his route and use the shadows to creep up behind him or walk past him. If he spots you, you’re in trouble as you just have the knife and he has an automatic weapon.

Follow your way through the house, using the shadows and keeping an eye on the radar until you reach the recording studio where the lyric book is located. When you are hidden in the shadows your market turns grey.

After you’ve crept past the bar, on the left is a room which contains armour. Once you’ve picked up the lyric book, you can use your weapons again, but given the number of them it’s more prudent to creep back out.

One tip is to pick up the silent pistols from the guards you stealth kill as this will allow you to use a pistol without alerting the rest of the guards. Use the shadows to creep your way back through using the silent pistol to deal with any guards blocking your way out. Or you could just blast your way out, particularly if you’ve acquired the M4.

If you really want to take the mickey you can pop into the gym or use the video game machine to try out the facilities. When you make it outside there’s a bike waiting for you, but you can do better than that and acquire something faster along the way…

Then it’s back to join up with OG Loc and hand over the lyric book. You’ll have earned respect points but not from us for encouraging OG Loc – what have you done?!