UFOs are a recurring theme in GTA V, with flashbacks, spaceship parts and Easter eggs to discover, but you can also find fully intact and even flying ones in the game.

Sunken UFO off the north coast (always available)

Watch the video above for the exact location where you can find a UFO on the sea bed – it’s just off the north coast of the main island. You’ll need scuba gear, the submarine or a mod to enable you to breath underwater.

Flying UFOs (100% completion or mod)

There are flying UFOs in the game, but they are much harder to locate, unless you have a mod installed, as you’ll need to have fully completed the game 100%:

  1. Above Sandy Shores (near Trevor’s main safehouse): if you fly at maximum height for a helicopter between the airfield and the highway to the east, just above the hippy camp full of alien memorabilia, you’ll find a UFO hovering in mid-air
  2. Above Fort Zancudo: if you fly at around 80% maximum height, then you’ll find another UFO hovering
  3. Above Mount Chiliad: if you visit the top of Mount Chiliad at 3am when the weather is cloudy, then you’ll see a UFO hovering with its own light show