50 glowing white letter scraps are distributed around the vast world of GTA 5 for you to find and unlock the mystery of Leonora Johnson.

To find them by chance would take days upon days, so we’ve put together a guide to their location including a map of every letter scrap in the video above.

If you have the Enhanced Native Trainer mod as we do in the video, then you can teleport between them instantly, but if you don’t then the quickest way to collect them is to call a taxi which will save you driving all across the map. Of course, some require a helicopter, but the majority are relatively easily accessible.

When you have collected all 50, then this will trigger a cut scene which pieces together the jigsaw of the letter scraps and reveals a letter explaining the unsolved death of Leonora Johnson and revealing who the killer was.

This also unlocks a new Strangers & Freaks mission for Franklin only – A Starlet in Vinewood – where Franklin confronts a somewhat confused Peter Dreyfuss.