If you’re having issues connecting your Xbox Controller to a Windows PC, then the following is a list of things you can try to troubleshoot and solve the problem:

  1. Check the batteries and the charge if not using batteries
  2. Switch the Controller off and on. Press and hold the Xbox button (the circular X top middle) for 6 seconds or more, then hold it again to switch it back on
  3. Check that your Micro-USB cable has data sync and is not a charge-only cable (the issue we had)
  4. Connect via Bluetooth (run the Bluetooth troubleshooter on Windows if you’re having trouble – Windows Start > Bluetooth > Find and fix problems with Bluetooth devices). We found we sometimes needed to remove and then re-add the device.
  5. Update your drivers as per the video above (Windows Start > Drivers > right mouse on your device and then on ‘Update’

Please put any other solutions you’ve found in the comments to try and help others out.