We found a very unusual bug in the iOS version of GTA 3 as shown in the video above.

When playing the Drive Misty for me mission, there was a serious bug which left us unable to progress the game. We picked her up as normal from her apartment, but the instructions to go to Joey Leone’s never materialised, even though she was in the car. Bizarrely, the game even said not to leave her behind!

We also experienced this after the very first cut scene in the whole game where 8 Ball and Claude were left next to the burning car with no instructions on what to do next. This makes us think it’s more widespread than just the specific mission above.

More importantly, what can you do to fix it?

Thankfully, Airplane mode came to the rescue for us. We switched to Airplane mode, restarted the app and the mission and then it worked.

Let us know if you’ve had similar issues and if this fix worked for you as well.