Vertical Bird GTA San AndreasIn Vertical Bird, Toreno re-emerges to temper the joy of being back home in Los Santos and living in a hilltop mansion.

He tells you to do one more job for him to free Sweet from jail. We’ve heard that one before…

All you need to do is steal a military jet from an aircraft carrier and then use it to destroy a flotilla of spy ships. What could be easier than that?

Toreno drives you to a waiting speed boat, where on board you’ll find a silenced pistol and a knife in case you need either of them for the stealth kills ahead. Jump in and get ready for the ride to the Naval Base.

Swim inside the ship when the back opens to avoid being detected from the guards. Creep up slowly behind the guards and do a stealth kill or you’ll set off the alarm and have to switch to heavier weapons. There aren’t that many guards though, so as long as you watch the red markers for their position it’s relatively easy to progress through.

Make your way to the control room as indicated on the map and step into the red marker to switch off the SAM sites.

Head back down the ship on the same level and steal yourself a military jet! Watch out for the guards waiting for you and use the cover available.

The military jet is not the easiest to handle. There is up and down using the two usual pedals for driving and then it’s a case of tilting forward or backwards to move. Three other jets will attack, but with heat-seeking missiles on offer, the odds are stacked in your favour. Rotate around and keep firing until the other jets are downed.

Then it’s time to destroy the three sets of  boats. Take your time lining up the jet as it’s as easy to crash as to hit them even with heat-seeking missiles, until you’ve mastered the controls.

Destroy the ships and then head back to the airstrip to complete the mission. Land the thing, easier said than done, and you’ll earn $50,000, plus the Hydra military jet will be available in the airstrip whenever you want to use it along with your growing collection of aircraft and vehicles.

Get ready for a long drive or flight back to Los Santos…

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