Home Coming GTA San AndreasIn Home Coming, Sweet is finally released from jail. Toreno has finally come good on his promises.

Despite all that money Carl has made and the properties he’s acquired, Sweet insists on going back to sort out the hood once and for all. It’s back to Grove Street where it all started.

When they get there, Grove Street is full of dealers and Carl and Sweet decide they are going to clear them out of the hood.

Walk around the hood taking out the dealers and cashing in while you do so. It’s easy enough to do, particularly if you switch to SMG. Keep Sweet nearby and watch his health as you work your way through the dealers indicated by the red markers.

When you’ve taken out all the dealers, find one of the purple-wearing Ballas and start firing to provoke one of the gang wars you may remember from way back in the game, with three waves of Ballas with increasing levels of firepower. Crouch in stealth mode and start firing, making sure you keep an eye on Sweet’s health.

As usual there is health and armour nearby if you need it.

What’s more, you can now restart the gang war territory fights to start controlling more territory.

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