A Home in the Hills GTA San AndreasA Home in the Hills is the beginning of the end of the game as Carl heads back to Los Santos.

Madd Dogg is out of hospital and wants to go back home. Bored of Las Venturas, Carl wants to head home as well and set up base in Madd Dogg’s mansion. First though, he’ll need to clear out Big Poppa, the dealer who has taken up residence inside.

After a cut scene, you’ll need to parachute onto the helipad of the mansion where two Triads are already in place trying to hold the roof. If you miss the roof, just go in the entrance walk around the house and you’ll find a ramp up to the roof. Hold off the gang members and the other Triads will arrive. There’s some armour up there if you need it.

Work your way systematically through the rooms, taking cover and crouching as you do so. There are a lot of gang members there who will emerge from each of the room with some hiding inside, so you’ll need to be careful and hope for a little help from the Triads.

There is further armour and a health icon inside the mansion.

When you reach Big Poppa, no matter what you do you aren’t able to shoot him. It’s then a chase through the mansion with yet more gang members in your way. Reach the exit and it’s a chase across Los Santos in a fetching pink Windsor.

Make sure he doesn’t get too far ahead and be careful not to flip the Windsor which isn’t the most stable of vehicles. Wait until he gets out into the countryside where it’s easier to draw alongside him and do a drive-by until his car explodes.

Do so and Madd Dogg’s mansion is a new safehouse. The save point is just inside the southern door near where the CJ missions will now start from. Best of all, the armour re-spawns inside one of the rooms. You can also pick up the night goggles again although the chances are you’ll already have them. There are even old school arcade machines to play on – Madd Dogg has some crib!

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