Breaking the Bank at Caligula's GTA San AndreasBreaking the Bank at Caligula’s is the big one – the heist is on! Head over to the casino to start the mission.

If you want a little fun on the way, it’s almost impossible to pick up any wanted stars, so you’re free to go on a cop-free rampage, although you’ll still pick up five stars if you try entering Area 51.

When you enter the casino run quickly to the back to open the door with the keycard – you trigger the cut scene by standing next to the security guard. Don’t waste any time as you only have four minutes to complete the first level of this mission.

Head straight down to area indicated – the entrance is next to the armed guard who will let you pass – and throw the smoke canister into the left hand ventilation chamber. You’ll need to be a couple of metres back and to throw it gently.

Zero then detonates the generators switching off the lights, so put on your night goggles and then head quickly down to the service area. Here you’ll need to open the gate using the forklift truck as indicated by the blue marker.

Do so in the allotted four minutes and the others will enter for the next part of the heist and a further seven minutes on the clock.

Part two – seven minutes on the clock

It’s now a shootout, so select either a SMG to move quickly or a M4 for power and take out all the guards. In one of the rooms to the left is some armour if you need it.

When the guards have all been taken out, it’s down to open the vault. Move quickly as you’re up against the clock and it can be tight.

Zero’s arch enemy is somehow working for the casino and is trying to get the generators back up. Pick up the satchel charges in front of you (may have to switch weapon) and quickly head back up to the generator room. There are two more guards waiting for you, so make sure your weapon is selected.

When in the room indicated by the green marker throw the charges at the grey generators in front of you, retreat to a safe distance and detonate them.

Head back down to where you were making sure you follow the same route as there are two sets of stairs heading down. When the vault is open the mafia attack, so crouch in stealth mode switch to M4 or SMG and start shooting.

If Caligula’s safe won’t open, you may have a bug with the game – try these options to open the safe in a new mission.

Work your way back taking out the mafia on the way and keeping a close eye on that clock.

Part three – the escape

While the others drive away, it’s time for Carl to play the decoy and escape as the lights come back on and the alarm is raised. Work your way back up the lift/elevator, watching out for guards on the way, as this time they won’t be marked with a handy red indicator this time around.

Step into the red marker to take the lift and head for the roof up the sets of stairs where more guards will be waiting for you around each of the corners.

Once onto the roof you’ll need to jump up and over the rooftops to reach the parachute. There’s a police helicopter and several cops just over the first roof, so make sure you’re ready. It’s easier if you can take out the police helicopter with a rocket launcher or equivalent, but it’s not essential.

You’ll have picked up three wanted stars by now. Jump off the roof and try and reach the police helicopter or you can just land on the ground, jack a vehicle and drive to the airstrip via a Pay’N’Spray. Or just grab a fast car and enjoy the chase.

Make it there and it’s a cool $100,000 for your trouble.

You’ll then receive a message from Salvatore Leone who is not best pleased with you…

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