Up Up and Away GTA San AndreasIn Up, Up and Away, you’re nearly ready to perform the heist. First though, you’ll need to secure an armoured truck and you’re going to have to do it the hard way. However, this is GTA after all and there are plenty of ways to make the mission easier.

Rather than just jacking one of the many armoured trucks that drive around town, you’ll need to break into a restricted area, steal a Leviathan helicopter and then lift an armoured truck using the magnet!

If you’re doing it the hard way then top up your armour before starting.

Drive to the restricted area as indicated and then a Patriot will emerge. Just drive straight past it and through the gates. If the gates have already shut you’ll need to jack the Patriot, easier said than done as it will try and outrun you.

Alternatively, you can bag yourself a Patriot or even a tank in advance. There’s one in Area 52 to the south of the airstrip. Drive through the metal fence where there’s no wall and grab yourself one by driving back to the airstrip and saving the game to lose your five stars.

When you’re through the gates, soldiers armed with M4s will shoot at you, so run a couple over while your vehicle is intact and then shoot the others. Ironically, an armoured truck is a good choice to prolong the life of your vehicle before having to get out and start shooting!

Next you’ll need to work your way through the building on the left hand side of the gates where the containers are. Watch out as there are many more soldiers in there. Crouch in stealth mode and work your way through, grabbing the armour and health along the way.

In each part of the building more guards will appear, so creep carefully around corners to preserve your health. When you reach the roof, two gunships will appear. Go to the red marker to take them out with the gun emplacement and just keep your finger on fire and you should be able to take them out easily. Make sure you’ve taken out any soldiers on the roof first though to avoid being wasted while you’re firing.

Then it’s into the helicopter for the next phase of the mission. Simply fly over to the armoured van, hover above it and lower your magnet to secure it. Then it’s a gentle fly back to the airstrip to complete the mission.

Top tips:

  • If this is all too much like hard work, then you can simply fly onto the roof in a jetpack and skip the first half of the shooting on the ground floor. Alternatively, you can fly a plane and parachute in or get a helicopter and land on the roof. Just remember to be ready to deal with the soldiers when you land on the roof

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