High Noon GTA San AndreasIt’s High Noon and Pulaski’s number is finally up. Travel back to Las Brujas to trigger the cut scene. Unfortunately, it won’t trigger if you’re wearing a jetpack.

As Carl prepares to hand over the  dossier, the corrupt cops start to turn on themselves. Tenpenny turns on Fernandes, knocking him out and leaves Pulaski to supervise Carl digging a grave for two. Fernandez comes back around just in time, leading Pulaski to shoot him and flee.

Carl sets off in pursuit. You can make this mission easier by shooting out his tyres to make Pulaski drive around in circles, as even if you shoot at him and his car with a M4 he still gets away.

Give chase and try and knock him into any water and do a drive-by and ram his vehicle wherever possible. You’re only left with a buggy, so a drive-by is going to be more effective as Pulaski’s car is more robust than Carl’s. Pulaski’s car is also quick, so it can take time to wear him down. If you can jump into a stronger vehicle, like a police car, then do so.

When you’ve done enough damage, Pulaski will make a run for it, so run him down or jump out to shoot. This will then trigger a cut scene to complete the mission. You should then be able to jump into Pulaski’s Buffalo and head off on your next mission.

Another good tactic is to block him in when he circles the small town to the south west trapping him against a wall and then jumping out and jacking his vehicle.

You’ll then receive a call from Rosenberg, paranoid as usual to trigger another casino mission for Salvatore.

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