Yay Ka-Boom-Boom GTA San AndreasTo start Yay Ka-Boom-Boom you need to have completed all of the missions for Woozie.

This mission is the final step to destroy the Loco Syndicate. They have a factory across town – take it out and take out the Syndicate.

First go and pick up a wired car from the bomb shop in the north east of the island.

When you arrive at the factory, take out the two guards outside by running them over the pavement.

The gates then open and you can take out the other guards on foot when you’re in as you’ll need to ensure your car doesn’t get destroyed.

You can even exit the factory and go around the corner and wait for the guards to come to you.

The cleanest way is just to park away from the gates and use a sniper rifle on the guards outside and then the other guards as they run out of the factory.

When inside the factory, drive up the ramp and drive through to the red marker. Just before you reach it, jump out and work out your route out of the factory as it’s pretty dark in there and not immediately obvious how to get out quickly. There’s a door on the north side of the factory.

Don’t worry about taking out the guards inside the factory as they will be caught in the explosion.

When you’re out, you’ll need to take out the three guards outside and then work your way to the entrance. But how to get out?

Jack the car near the exit and you’ll see at ramp in the ruined building on the western side which you can use to jump out into the street in style.

A car will appear when you reach the main gates. Jump in this, reverse all the way back, hold your breath and jump!

As you head back to the factory more guards will appear, but ignore them and keep driving.

Make the jump and it’s a quick drive back to the garate for $25000 and plenty of respect.

It’s a lot less spectacular but you can escape from the factory, but climbing up onto the container boxes on the west side of the factory and then jumping out without the need for a car.

That’s it – you’re out of San Fierro and onto the next island after receiving a mysterious phone call… Enjoy exploring ‘Vegas’, baby!

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