Monster GTA San AndreasMonster kicks off the set of missions from the mysterious caller, although the chances are you’ll have worked out who it is already…

The caller wants you to show your mettle, which of course means driving a monster truck through a series of checkpoints agains the clock. How else?!

The clock starts when you get in. You have six and a half minutes to get through 35 checkpoints – plenty of time as long as you don’t get stuck.

The truck is hard to roll, but you can slide of the rocky hillside, so balance speed with accurate driving and keep an eye on the map to check where you should be going next. It helps that the monster truck can pretty much drive up any hill on the course, so route one is usually best.

The arrows will tell you which way to turn next. When you get to the set of switchbacks, use handbrake turns to save time.

Beat the time and it’s a maximum $5000 in the kitty if you finish first.

You’ll also have the monster truck to play with for a while before you decide to start the next mission. If you want to keep it, park it in a garage as it will disappear if you leave it outside the ranch.

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