Hijack GTA San AndreasIn Hijack, the worst kept secret is out, Toreno is still alive. Instead he reveals he’s a dodgy government agent and once again somone needs you to do their dirty work. Work that Toreno can’t afford to get caught doing.

The job requires you to hijack a truck with the help of Cesar.

The truck is heading to the Forster Valley via the Garver Bridge – this is the main road bridge just to the north west, not the railway one. The truck is heading west.

Draw up alongside the left of the truck and keep it steady so Cesar can jump into the cab to hijack it. The key is getting the right speed and keeping it – press it on and off to maintain speed as you’re on a much faster accelerating vehicle.

When he’s in, all you then need to do is drive back to the garage unbothering by the cops or anyone else for that matter, so it’s pretty easy going.

The only real issue you might encounter is turning the truck around and detaching the trailer, but even then it’s simple enough to reattach.

A simple enough $7000 in the bank and onto the next mission.

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