The Da Nang Thang GTA San AndreasThe Da Nang Thang is the final showdown with the Vietnamese Gang.

Woozie is on his way out when he receives a call from Little Lion. The Da Nang gang are arriving on a container ship and you join Woozie to scout the ship in a helicopter. You are in control of the minigun and need to shoot as many of the gang as you can as it will make it easier once aboard the ship.

No matter how many you take out the chopper is downed with a RPG and you find yourself in the water with only a knife for company. Now you could do things the hard way and take the gang out by knife and with the weapons you find. Or you could do things the GTA way and, erm, cheat a little.

There’s no time limit so you can swim back to the shore, head to Ammunation and stock up on weapons to make things much easier. We’ll leave it up to your conscience…

When you reach the ship, you’ll need to work your way up to the other end taking out the guards as you progress, each of whom will leave weapons behind for you to use. It’s better to use the silent knife or silenced handgun if you’ve popped into Ammunation, so you don’t alert them to your presence.

Climb up over the containers to progress. Before you head up or down a level do a quick check to see who might be waiting for you by swiping the screen to show the angles.

If you start to lose health, there’s a health heart to pick up near the yellow indicator.

Beware the guys waiting in a gap between two sets of containers. If you have a grenade drop it down.

When you reach the hold, you’ll need to take out the next set of guards. Crouch and watch carefully as you round each corner.

When you reach the container with the refugees, shoot the lock and help them escape. Snakehead himself is up on the bridge and you’ll need to take him and any remaining guards out.

At the top of the stairs to the bridge are two more guards waiting for you. When you reach the bridge you are thrown a sword. Or you can do an Indiana Jones and switch to a gun to make things easy.

Go and join the refugees and head to the dinghies to collect $15000 and more respect.

You can now finish off the Loco Syndicate mission.

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