Amphibious Assault GTA San AndreasTo start Amphibious Assualt you need to head to Woozie’s place between 2000 and 0600.

If you’re hanging around use the house around the corner to save the game which will move the time forward six hours.

This mission involves using your swimming skills and you’ll need to have sufficient lung capacity to complete it which means doing some practice underwater. That’s no bad thing as it can be tricky mastering manoeuvring around underwater.

It’s also worth topping up your armour before you start the mission.

Head over to the docks to begin. You’ll need to plant a bug on the boat which involves swimming there undetected. The tricky bit is negotiating the underwater tunnels without running out of breath. Use a simple swipe up or down to manage your depth.

When you near the boat why not pick up the oyster on the left side of its bow…

There are some steps on the right (starboard!) side of the boat. Crouch and creep towards the other end of the boat to plant the bug.

Watch the red markers to see the position of the guards. You can use the silencer or a knife to take them out silently. The arrows on the markers indicate which way they are facing.

When you’ve planted the bug, just jump off the side of the boat and avoid the searchlights as shown by the circles on the map and you can swim full speed until you reach the boats nearer the shore and have to resort to stealth mode again.

Reach the red marker and it’s another $11000 in the kitty.

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