Lure GTA San AndreasLure is the third mission for Woozie and involves another long drive.

The Da Nang Boys are watching the apartment and the ever resourceful Carl comes up with a plan to lure them into the countryside by using a decoy car where he can take care of them. Not like he’s ever been shy of taking people out in broad daylight, but let’s go with it…

Jump into the K-DST decoy car and drive out to Angel Pine. Don’t get out of the car or you’ll blow your cover and fail the mission.

When you reach Angel Pine, your job is to drive through all the checkpoints while keeping your car intact from the bikers. Too much damage and the doors of the car will come off and they’ll see that Ran Fa Li isn’t there.

You can simply drive the course at speed or use your drive-by skills to improve your odds.

By far and away the simplest option to deal with the first set of bikes is to take them out right at the start by a drive-by left and then right.

However, a second set of bikers will attack you furter into the course. You can pause again, fire left and right and take them out as well, keeping an eye on the damage meter. Repeat as the third wave attacks and then the fourth.

Reach the garage intact and it’s mission accomplished and $8000 and yet more respect. Cue another long drive back to the city.

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