House party GTA San AndreasHouse Party is the final OG Loc mission, although don’t worry you will meet him again later in the game. Terrible as he is as a rapper he does at least provide you with some entertaining missions!

Despite the obvious need to have a back-up career, OG Loc has quit his job as it’s just not gangsta enough for him. He decides to have a party before he has to head back to jail for breaking his parole by quitting his job.

He tells you to get yourself some new threads and a haircut and then to pick up some fly girls for the party. There’s a barbers just around the corner, although you don’t have to get it cut.

Then drive over to OG Loc’s house in Grove Street for the party. Better still pick up some armour on the way as a shoot-out is coming.

On the way you receive a call from OG Loc. Great news – his mic is broken, so CJ decides to head in after all. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped OG Loc from polluting the airwaves, so you head out front with the rest of the Grove Street boys.

Outside you hear that the Ballas are on their way and you’re under attack. Anything’s better than listening to OG Loc, so CJ joins in the fight.

There’s a SMG in front of you when the battle kicks off or switch to a M4 or even a rocket launcher if you’ve acquired one to end things quickly. It’s worth crouching to improve your accuracy and minimise damage. If you are using the SMG, make sure you pick up the ammo when you take out each of the Ballas.

When you’ve taken out those nearby, you’ll need to deal with those in the bridge and again a M4 will be a big help. The Ballas then spring out of the alleyway and then from all angles in the final battle. You can protect yourself a little by crouching next to a car.