Management Issues GTA San AndreasManagement Issues sees you inexplicably continuing to help the world’s worst rapper, OG Loc, with his plans to assault the airwaves with his rhyme-crimes.

Unsurprisingly, OG Loc can’t get a record deal, but he blames Madd Dogg’s manager, Scorpio, for ruining his chances rather than a fundamental lack of talent.

The mission is to take out Scorpio when he attends an awards ceremony.

First up, you’ll need to pretend to be one of Scorpio’s drivers by stealing one of their cars. Head over to the Burger Shot to pick one up. If he sets off before you get there, just park you vehicle in front of his car and he’ll stop and you can jack the car. He will shoot at your car, but you can simply drive away.

Make sure you don’t damage the car or you’ll have to get it repaired at a Pay ‘N’ Spray before the 1030pm deadline.

When you reach the two other cars, carefully parallel park in between them, making sure you avoid damaging the car and having to head back to the Pay ‘N’ Spray. You’ll then need to drive carefully in between the two other cars as you head off to the awards ceremony. Keep close to the one in front as the one behind will keep bumping into you if not.

Then it’s a fun race for a long ride off a short pier to dump the car and Scorpio at the bottom of the ocean. The other two cars will try and ram and block you, but keep you foot down and watch out for traffic and you’ll make it. If you lose them, great, but if not you’ll need to take them out to ensure no witnesses.

Just before you reach the end of the pier bail out by exiting the vehicle in the usual way to complete the mission and earn extra respect points.