iPhone sales statistics
5 years on and still going strong…

Last July marked five years since Apple launched the iPhone and change the mobile phone industry and we marked the occasion with a post on the key iPhone sales statistics. The App Store itself launched shortly afterwards in 2008, so in the fifth year after its launch we look at some of the key statistics announced by Apple earlier this month, in answer to the most common requests for stats we see:

  • How many App Store downloads have their been? The App Store marked a significant milestone with the 40 billionth download, half of which were in 2012 alone and with no signs of app downloads slowing this could reach 100 billion by 2015
  • How many App Store accounts are there? The total has now passed 500 million active App Store accounts
  • How many total apps are available? It’s a constantly growing total, but currently stands at over 775k and counting, making it neck and neck with Android Market which has now caught up since its launch likewise in 2008
  • How many total apps are available for iPad specifically? There are already 300k iPad ‘native’ apps available.
  • How much have developers made on the App Store? According to Apple it’s over $7 billion.
  • How much have Apple made from the App Store? If you assume the tax man takes 10% (based on 60% going to the developers and 10% average to the tax man across territories), then this gives a rough calculation of $3.5 billion for Apple from their 30% cut of all app and in-app sales
  • In how many countries is the App Store available? The App Store is now in 155 separate countries.