Super Sixes
If you think T20 cricket is a step too far, this might not be for you…

It’s just not cricket, but that doesn’t stop the eccentric ‘Stick Cricket Super Sixes’ being our Follow That App of the Week for January 6th 2013.

The original Stick Cricket is itself a Follow That App of the Week and this is a worthy and sillier successor. Take the original concept, add a robot and a series of increasingly bizarre cricketing challenges and try and smash your way to a high score.

While Stick Cricket frustrated us through its omission of some of the key principles of cricket, Super Sixes doesn’t even bother to try, but doesn’t suffer for it.

You are up against an angry robot bowling machine akin to a drunken and unstable cricket coach as it throws down fast balls, golf balls, shines lights in your face and tries to get you out three times.

If you can preserve your three lives and hit the super ball, then you’ll unlock the most entertaining and highest scoring aspect of the game as you get 60 seconds of free hits.

Don’t love
While the levels are inventive, essentially it’s just a single game that could do with more variation of challenges beyond just trying to better your previous stats. There are cheats available as you build up coins (or buy them through in-app purchase which also removes the ads), but it’s easy to tire of the initial fun which may limit this app’s ability to generate high numbers of in-app purchases.

It may not appeal to cricket purists, but Super Sixes is wonderfully silly, easy to pick up and dip into when you have a spare five minutes. It’s a worthy brand extension to the original game.

Get it on iTunes here.