iPhone sales statistics
5 years on and still going strong…

Is it really five years since the iPhone emerged to transform the mobile industry? It is indeed and seems and apt time to look back at some of the impressive statistics it has racked up in the interim period.

  • More than 250m sold since its launch back in 2007
  • 35.1m sold in Q1 2012, up a whopping 88% over the same period last year, although the launch of the 4S provided a significant lift in this period
  • More than 500k apps available in the store (note to our reviewers, pull your finger out…)
  • 58% of Apple’s revenue is generated by the iPhone
  • Apple is of course now the most valuable company (at the time of writing)
  • $150b in revenue generated by the iPhone since its launch
  • $22.69b in revenue in Q1 2012 from the iPhone and associated products – more than the whole of Microsoft in the same period, how times have changed…

Perhaps the biggest change though is the transformation of the mobile device, finally bringing the internet to the small screen in a consumer-friendly form factor and transforming the digital paid content market through the app store.

Of course mobile is not just about the iPhone, but it has kick-started competition on handsets, operating systems and product that has benefited the whole industry, bringing us some excellent Android and Windows-powered handsets that will again push Apple to innovate further.