How many iPhone apps are available
A big number, but not a long way short of the App Store figures for now at least...

Following on from our post looking at how many iPhone and iPad apps are available, we turn this time to Android and the Android Market.

There have been a number of conflicting reports, but the guys at Appfire have earned our trust with some good research looking at the figures available and using the most reliable source – Google themselves.

So what are the figures up to June 2011?

  • 206k apps available in the Android Market, still a long way short of the more than 400k available in the App Store, but catching up fast all the same
  • 300k published in total, but the difference between the two figures is the number of apps that have been unpublished – post-moderated rejections, tests removed from store, temporary services and unprofitable apps removed from the store where the cost of supporting them is prohibative. In addition, is the low barriers to entry in a market with no Apple-like formal approval process.