Zombie Sweeper free
They just don't know when to quit...

What is it with zombies and iPhone games? Zombie Sweeper is yet another zombie slasher game, as you fight off ever increasing numbers of them using a range of 40 weapons.

However, it’s a worthy addition to the genre, with good graphics, entertaining effects and achievements to draw you in as long as you don’t get too frustrated trying to collect the elusive gems required to unlock weapons.

Better still it’s currently free on iTunes here.

Us Brits may wonder why they’re playing on ice, dressed in a suit of armour, but don’t let stop you enjoying the fun of this ice hockey this visually rich and engaging game. There are the smashes, the dribbles, the goals and plenty of challenges to keep you busy.

About as far from jolly hockey sticks as you can get and worth a try when it’s currently 59p (99c) here.