Super Stickman Golf review
Not quite golf how we remember it, but all the better for it
Defy the laws of physics in the deceptively simple Super Stickman Golf, our Follow That App of the Week for June 11th 2011.

We’re not sure what it is about stick men and the iPhone, but they seem to be keen sportsmen and can be found playing cricket, football, golf, tennis and just about every other sport you can shake a stick at.

Although the graphics are deliberately 2D in a world of visually stunning 3D golf games, they retain a retro charm that doesn’t detract from the gameplay.

From the simple first few holes, there are holes and courses aplenty to draw you into hours of gameplay. Unless you fork out for the in-app purchase you’ll need to go round in par or under no mean feat with some challenging holes requiring a mix of timing, angles, luck and special balls.

You can practice the holes before you play in anger and there’s a good mix of strategy of when to use your special balls or go for glory with a risky short-cut shot to make or break your round.

We love that you can dip into this arcade-style for a couple of minutes between train stops or invest some serious time in completing the lot. And if you’re bored of that there’s always multiplayer to keep you entertained.

Don’t love
While the graphics do have a retro charm, they are a little disappointing particularly the player itself who would benefit from some more characterisation even as a stickman and the course itself which lacks detail, even in 2D. The multiplayer mode is impressive, but would benefit from a score and an offline turn-based two-player mode as well as the purely time-based challenge.

But in reality both of these points are quibbles in an otherwise excellent game.

It may not be golf as you know it, but the real game would be all the better for some of the quirks in this entertaining and addictive 2D golf game.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “Angry birds style aiming, variety of courses and fantastic game play and multiplayer modes! Best game on iPhone dare I say!” Praise indeed…

Meh store review: “Could be a scoring-type multiplayer, instead of a race”

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