To encourage take-up of their new games launcher, Rockstar are giving away GTA San Andreas for free on PC for a limited time.

All you need to do is to follow the steps:
– Do a search for Rockstar launcher (official Rockstar site) on your Windows PC. No Macs still, unfortunately.
– Download the launcher and install it
– Open it up and either from the home screen or via the games tab, click on the GTA San Andreas panel
– Hopefully it will still be free when you try (it was at the time of writing and has been for over a week)
– Wait for the few Gigabytes to download and it’s yours for free!

For those looking for GTA San Andreas on mobile, the offer just applies to PC and you still have to pay for the app version.

If you already have the app version, then it’s still a good idea to download it on PC as you can then use cheats which are not enabled on the app. It’s also a chance to play it on a much bigger screen and enjoy the vastness of this old, but still great game.