How many iPhone apps are available
You may run out of fingers trying to count them all up

It was only back in November 2009 that the App Store passed the significant milestone of having 100k apps available. Nearly 18 months later that figure has been dwarfed by the flood of apps available for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad and Mac store, passing the 400k mark in terms of available apps.

So what are the current figures of apps available? It took us a while to count and we’ve seen conflicting figures, but the figures we trust are below:

  • 511k apps have been approved in total
  • However, not all of these are available which brings us onto the next stat: 404k total available apps
  • For iPhone the figure is 364k apps available
  • For iPad-optimised apps it is 100k
  • And for the new Mac store a relatively modest 5k

Add to this that, unlike with the Android Market, all these apps have been approved by the review team, then 400k is quite a milestone.

So, how many of these are good enough for your device? Well, thankfully that’s what this site is here for, saveing you time by handpicking the best apps!