There are a number of ways that you can restore your health in GTA 5 Online.

For reasons best left to Rockstar to explain, there are no obvious health packs to find as there are in GTA 5 Story mode and going to bed does not restore health unless you wait a long time. However, there are some ways unique to Online.

We cover all the the main ways in the list below and in the video above:

  • Vending machines: head to a vending machine. For just $1 your health bar gets a decent boost. The vending machines are most easily found outside the convenience stores and the ammunitions with a firing range
  • Ambulances: if you can find one, then jack and jump inside an ambulance. You can wait by a dead ped and usually an ambulance will come, but it takes a while…
  • Wait: time is a great healer in GTA 5. If you can avoid taking on more damage then your health will recover in time
  • Snacks: they are a hassle to buy and then take, but they are a key difference in how your fix your health in GTA Online. Buy them from a convenience store and then use the Interaction menu to consume them mid-game. In an amusing twist, if you have a smoke then it actually decreases your health, just like real life!
  • Armour: buy armour at Ammunation and you can then add it again via the Interaction menu mid-game
  • Ladies of the night: if you pick up a ‘night worker’, then again that will restore your health after the deed is done

If there’s anything we’ve missed then please let us know in the comments…