To register as a CEO in GTA V online you first need to purchase an Executive Office. These start at $1m and go all the way up to $4m to purchase the Maze Bank Tower.

Once you’ve done this you may be wondering how you become a CEO and can start interacting with the computer in your Executive Office to kick off a new set of asset missions. However, it’s not immediately obvious how you register as there’s no prompt when you sit at the chair beyond telling you that you need to become a CEO.

The key is to use the interaction menu, available via the ‘view’ menu on an Xbox Controller or via ‘M’ on keyboard if you’re playing on PC. Once you open this menu, scroll down to the ‘SecuroServ’ option where you’ll finally find the ‘Register as a CEO’ option.

Rockstar could have made it a simple action to register as a CEO when you sit at the desk rather than burying it in this menu, but at least you know where to find it now!