If you’ve bought a helicopter from Warstock, then you may be wondering where it gets delivered as it’s not obvious.

After purchase the heli is not immediately available. You’ll need to wait in game or if you get your character wasted, then an email will arrive shortly afterwards. You’ll need to have bought a helipad as this is where it will be delivered. If you’re buying an airplane, it will be delivered to your hangar.

When you get to the helipad the new heli isn’t visible. You’ll need to walk onto the helipad and then a menu will appear with the option to change your stored vehicle. Select the helicopter you bought and then it will appear even if the helipad was empty to start with (why?).

Once you’ve set this menu, then that heli will appear by default on the helipad and best of all it will re-spawn each time you inevitably destroy it…