How to enter Blue Hell underworld - GTA Vice CityIt’s known by several names – Blue Hell, underworld, abyss – and it’s the area underneath the game’s terrain. Here, you can fall through empty space, see partially invisible buildings and get stuck in a weird otherworld beneath the main game. But how do you get there?

Here are three ways to reach Blue Hell, plus a bonus way to really explore the area in style:

1. By the police station car park on the eastern island

There’s a thin strip just opposite the police station car park. You’ll need a motorbike to enter it. Line it up and then fall down into the underworld. Jump off the bike and you can walk around underneath the police station, although you’re stuck once you’re down there, unless you’re wasted. Stay on the bike, keep the bike moving and you’ll get a insane jump bonus and re-spawn around the corner.

2. Through the bath in apartment 3C

Walk into apartment 3C as per the video, enter the bathroom and then jump into the bath and start running! After a few seconds you’ll fall into a partial underworld just beneath the normal surface. Here buildings are partially invisible and yet you can still drive a car and interact with people. Weird.

3. Through the stairs on the western island near the bridge

Again you’ll need a bike for this one. Go up the steps near the bridge and half way up point your bike at the left hand side of the stairs. You then disappear into the wall in front of you and fall into the underworld. This time, however, you can’t walk around and will just regenerate a few yards away.

Bonus – fly through the hotel

If all this walking, running and driving all seems like too much effort, then why not fly. Fly under the entrance to the hotel opposite the Malibu Club, then up through the overhang and you’re into Blue Hell. Just be careful not to blow up your helicopter on the side of the building, as you need to go through it and then down on the other side.