It’s not obvious how to get a plane in GTA Vice City, but there’s one freely available if you know where to look.

Travel to the airport and unlike most other GTA games you can’t find a plane to jump in and explore the city and beyond. The planes there are indestructible, surviving direct hits from rocket launchers.

Now you can use a van to jump onto the wings of a plane, but it’s not the same as flying.

Where to find the airplane - GTA Vice CityOne is available, however, parked ready for you outside one of the assets. If you visit the movie studio and go to the north west corner of the wall outside, there’s a sea plane waiting for you.

The only catch is that you’ll need to have completed the Dildo Dido mission. Read how to complete it here.

Better still you don’t need to enter the movie studio. Simply walk around the edge of the walls taking care not to fall into the water, particularly as you can’t swim in this game!