Los Desperados GTA San AndreasIn Los Desperados, Cesar comes asking for help. His hood is under seige and he’s putting his gang back together and needs Carl to provide some muscle to help clear his hood of The Vagos who have taken over.

You need to recruit a few gang members to go with you – do so by tapping on them and selecting the hand bump. Head over to Union Street to take on the Vagos. It’s useful to have some body armour as this mission involves a lot of shooting. Switch to a SMG or AK-47 and get ready.

Move forward through the flames taking care not to step into one and catch on fire. Crouch and shoot from a distance and most of the Vagos won’t shoot until you are much nearer. You can also retreat to a distance and use the sniper rifle you’ll need to be quick as none of Cesar’s gang can be killed if you going to pass the mission. Watch the red markers to see where they are and how many are waiting for you. There’s a health icon behind one of the buildings if you need it.

When you have taken out the first sets of Vagos follow Cesar back out onto the street where there may be more Vagos waiting if you haven’t drawn them all of their cover.

If you’re short on health, wait before you step into the red marker and top up your health.

Now onto part two as you head down a Vagos infested alleyway. Take cover and start shooting from a distance so your AK-47 can take them out with little chance of you being hit. Watch out for the Vagos waiting in the garage on the right – a grenade is a good option.

Hazer gets injured which is the cue for more Vagos to jump over the wall and for the shooting to continue. First from in front of you and then from behind. There’s another health icon inside the garage if you’re running low. Check the map to see if there are any Vagos lurking in the alleyway behind as you can’t progress until you’ve taken them all out.

Clear out the alleyway and then it’s onto the house where more are waiting with flamethrowers and guns. Again watch out for the Vago inside the garage.

When they have all been taken out, you’ll get a call from Sweet. You’ll need to control 35% of all gang territories to progress to the final mission. You can check this via the Stats menu and then Gangs. You’ll receive a call from Sweet when you’re there.

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