End of the Line GTA San AndreasThis is it, literally the End of the Line and the final mission to complete. Now Sweet has found out where Big Smoke is hiding out, the Johnson brothers head over to his crack house for the final shootout.

Before you head there, pop into Ammunation to top up your armour. Carl feels he has to go in alone to settle his debt. Good job too as Sweet is usually more of a hindrance than a help.

The entrance is locked and only a heavy vehicle will take it out. Fortunately, there’s a SWAT tank nearby. While you’re in the area, take out the two guards.

Then jump over the fences and approach it from the south. At a safe distance use your sniper rifle to take out those around it or just go in guns blazing.

Drive the tank and smash through the wall of the crack house. Inside are several Ballas so just run them over – there are more around the corner when inside. When they are all taken out walk through the door.

Big Smoke is up on the fourth floor and you’ll need to work your way through all four to reach him.

Floor 1

As you head up the stairs, a Balla will run out. Wait for him and fire. A second rolls out as you turn the corner. Around the next corner you’ll run into a Vago and another Balla – crouch and engage. There’s some armour at the end of the corridor in a small open room. To your right is the main part of this floor – a room filled with Ballas and Vagos.

Take cover behind the crates and start firing. Bizarrely, a SWAT tank bursts through the wall, yet the hole is small enough that you can’t make it through!

If you want to you can jump in the SWAT tank and take out the remaining couple of Ballas. The gates at the back of the room open with more Ballas waiting inside. Use the crates as cover, crouch and fire your way through.

Floor 2

At the top of the stairs a Balla is crouched waiting for you. Toss up a grenade or creep up and shoot. It’s best to be cautious as you’l need to preserve your health and armour.

To the right at the top of the stairs, yet another Balla is waiting around the next corner armed with a combat shotgun. There’s also a health icon there. Deal with him and then step through the metal doors near the stairs to head up to floor three.

Floor 3

At the top of the stairs is a guard with a M4. Grab it and the armour in the room behind him. If you have an AK-47 you can switch and preserve your existing ammo. Go through the doors firing as yet more guards are waiting for you to the left.

Onto the next room – you know the drill by now, it’s full of guards. Crouch, take cover and fire. The guards are armed with M4s and try their best to take cover, although if you take a good position they shouldn’t be able to do too much damage to you.

When you’ve cleared the room watch out for the two Vagos who come out from behind. There’s more health as you head up the stairs and on towards the next level.

Floor 4

This is it. You’ve finally reached Big Smoke. As usual there’s a guard at the top of the stairs and some welcome armour.

You’ve got to hand it to Big Smoke, he’s well guarded! Through each of the doors yet more guards await. Be careful in the second room as there’s one hiding behind the counter. Crouch and work your way through using the M4. As you work your way through more guards jump out including one from behind near the statue of Big Smoke.

At one final step of stairs is Big Smoke himself complete with body armour and a bad drug habit.

It’s time for the shootout with Big Smoke who requires a lot of shots to take down. More guards are inside, so keep shooting. There’s a health icon up on the balcony.


When Big Smoke’s health runs out a cut scene starts and look who’s back to steal Smoke’s money – Tenpenny.

He sets off an explosion which kills the lights and gives you seven minutes to flee the building. Put on the night goggles and start running and firing as you go as yet more guards block your path.

Now it’s really handy if you’ve completed the fire engine missions as you’ll be fireproof, but if not this is a tricky one. Pick up the fire extinguisher to make your way through and then stop to shoot the gang members below you through the grill before using the extinguisher again to progress. Be as quick as you can. Depending on your health you can run through a couple of the fires, but there are a full set of guards to work through as well. It’s best to move while shooting to keep progressing.

Make it to the ground floor and take out the final set of guards to cue the cut scene.

End of the Line GTA San AndreasFire engine

Tenpenny escapes on a fire engine and Sweet jumps onto the bag hanging precariously from the ladder. You can’t do a drive-by on the fire engine, so just keep up and keep it within your radar to stay in the mission. Vagos will throw molotov’s at your car, but they won’t do any real damage.

Thankfully your car is faster than the fire engine, so you can drive carefully enough not to flip the car. Watch out for the sudden turns the fire engine makes, particularly when it shoots down an alleyway. It’s all about keeping up and upright in the car at this stage.

Eventually near the beach a cop will climb onto the ladder and stomp on Sweet’s hands to loosen his grip. Drive up behind him and he’ll jump into the car. You need to do so before the indicator showing his grip left runs out.

It’s then a shootout from the car as numerous cops, cars and bikes try to take out your car. Aim for the tyres and bonnets of the cars and the passengers on the bikes. All the vehicles approach from behind, only the rioters on the bridge are in front of you.

Thankfully if you fail the mission at this point, you just go back to the start of the fire engine chase and not right back to the beginning of the mission.

Keep the car intact long enough and you’ll trigger the final cut scene as Tenpenny loses control and the fire engine crashes off the bridge over Grove Street.

You’ve done it! Time to take over any remaining areas of gang territory…

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