NOE GTA San AndreasN.O.E. is the first Toreno mission after Learning to Fly and you’ll certainly need those newly acquired flying skills.

Toreno is in typically bonkers mood. He claims that he has five guys watching him all the time, so of course that means you’ll have to do his dirty work yet again. He has two colleagues in trouble and needs you to take the plane and drop off the supplies to them in Angel Pine.

When you board the plane you have ten minutes. The catch is that you’re being watched and have to stay low and below the radar. Toreno suggests taking the canyon to the left of the takeoff strip, but it’s better to keep going straight and head for the sea by going right of the two high rocks in front and then keeping low to sweep south west outwards to sea and under the bridge. Then travel along the coast where it’s easier to stay low without having to worry about hills and mountains in your way.

Alternatively just sweep right and head out to sea and then go around the coast.

Fly too high and you’ll be detected on the radar and shot out of the sky. If you are spotted get below the radar again and you shoot be OK, at least for the first time you do it.

A good tip once you’ve over the watch is to watch the white bar indicating your height and to keep it steady. If you avoid using the accelerator up to speed, then it’s much easier to control your height.

The plane can be very frustrating to pilot as it struggles to keep a constant height without tweaking it. Remember just to use gentle sweeps to control the plane.

When you near the target, keep going a little and then turn so you approach from the south-east as otherwise you’ll have to go up and over the mountain and through the trees risking a crash and being spotted on the radar. Fly through the corona then head back to the sea, right under the bridge and back through the valley to the airstrip. Use the map to guide you when you reach the bridge again on the way back.

Given the ten minutes, you can’t just drive the planes along the roads – you’ll need to fly or you won’t get there in time!

Make it back and land it safely in the 10 minutes allowed and you’ll have a well earned $15000.

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