Interdiction GTA San AndreasIn Interdiction, Carl learns more about the fate of his brother Sweet who is in jail and in danger.

Keen to use his leverage to keep blackmailing Carl Toreno recruits him to help protect a helicopter with precious cargo.

Head to El Castillo del Diablo out in the desert on the ATV that appears or just use a motorbike if you want to get there quicker, stopping at Ammunation on the way to pick up some armour and any weapons you need.

When you reach the area you can grab the rocket launcher and its 40 ammo that comes with it.

There’s no time limit for reaching the hilltop. Use the winding road to reach the top and don’t forget to pick up the parachute in the shed while you’re up there.

When you reach the top the helicopter appears, but it’s being chased by two choppers who are firing at it. Time to use the rocket launcher to protect it. When you’ve destroyed the first two, three more choppers appear so use your 40 rockets wisely.

Take too long and the chopper is history. If you’re slow then the feds will jump out of one of the choppers and you’ll have to deal with them putting the heli at risk from destruction while you shoot it out on the ground.

Finally be careful not to shoot your own heli, which is shown with a blue marker or you’ll be back to square one and those long drives.

When you’ve destroyed the helicopters, drive to pick up the package at the green marker and then take it onto the yellow marker to complete the mission. Bear in mind you have two wanted stars, but stay off the roads and you shouldn’t attract much attention from the cops and will lose the stars on the way.

After all that work, all you get is a $1000 reward!

Top tip:
If you’re finding this all too difficult, then stock up on heat-seeking RPGs which are found at the eastern side of the airport in San Fierro in between two fuel containers and it’s much easier. You’ll need at least 20, so will need to keep saving the game and going back to stock up.

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