Ice Cold Killa GTA San AndreasIce Cold Killa is the continuation of the entertaining Syndicate story as things go up a level.

You need to meet Cesar at the Doherty garage between 2200 and 0600. If you’re outside of these times, just save the game and you’ll jump forward several hours.

The mission involves getting hold of Jizzy’s phone, so you can setup an ambush when the deal goes down.

Cesar hands you a gun with a silencer to help with the mission and then it’s off to the club. When you reach the club you’ll be denied entry, even if you take out the guards, but when has that ever stopped you in GTA?

You’ll need to get it through the skylight. To the left of the entrance is a wooden walkway on some scaffolding. Walk up and then jump onto the roof and then work your way down into the club. When you reach the ground floor a cut scene triggers with Jizzy and then a shootout begins as he tries to make his escape. Deal with the handful of guards and then head for the exit to hunt down Jizzy.

He escapes in the pimpmobile, so jump in one of the limos and hunt his car down by a combination of smashing it with your heavier vehicle and a drive-by. When he’s dead, take the phone and it’s $12000 reward and yet more respect.

Top tip:

If you want to make it easier to chase down the pimpmobile, then shoot out his tyres before you enter the club with a sniper rifle.

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