Snail Trail GTA San AndreasSnail trail sees the unwelcome return of corrupt officers Tenpenny and Pulaski.

A journalist has been snooping around and as usual it falls to you to take care of someone else’s dirty business. Go and grab the sniper rifle in the green triangle nearby although you should have plenty of ammo from the Outrider mission.

The journalist is waiting for his train at the nearby station. Jump in a vehicle and follow the train, although quite why you don’t just get on the train is beyond me. It’s an idea to keep a motorbike in your garage to follow the train as this will come in useful later.

Get ready for a long ride all the way back to Los Santos and trying and keep your concentration enough to avoid smashing into the train or disappearing off the hillside on the open country sections. Remember there will be the odd train coming the other way, so it’s safest to stick behind the train.

When the train arrives at Market Station, you have to avoid spooking him by keeping your distance and keeping an eye on the handy ‘spookometer.’

Follow him up the stairs and then you’ll need to tail him by jacking a vehicle when he gets into his taxi. If you’re already on a motorbike, then you can just stay on your ride. Follow at a safe distance and try and avoid the temptation to start shooting at the cab or you’ll face having to do that long drive again!

Follow a safe distance behind as we winds his way through the streets of Los Santos ending up at the pier.

When he meets his target get out the sniper rifle and take the first of them out and then a standard weapon for the other person. Or just use a rocket launcher and you’re done…

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