Outrider GTA San AndreasOutrider sees you take to two wheels ditching your usual classy rides. As usual Jizzy is in need of a little help. Indeed, you wonder what he did before you arrived on the scene…

Go to meet T-Bone at the petrol station down by the docks where he and Mike Toreno are waiting for you in a 4-door sedan and are full of the joys of spring.

Pick up the rocket launcher and sniper rifle next to the bike. Your job is to take out the roadblocks before T-Bone and Toreno arrive in the van. Approach the roadblock from a good distance so they won’t fire on your and let the rocket launcher do its work. Sweep up any remaining men with a SMG.

At the second roadblock, again use the rocket launcher, but you’ll also need to take out the snipers up in the building. Use the sniper rifle or SMG to take them out.

You need to move fast to reach the third roadblock in time and again take out those in the road and the snipers up in the ruined building on the building site.

Keep an eye on the progress of the van to know how much time you have left.

At the fourth roadblock, it’s simply a case of dealing with the cars in the road with the rocket launcher.

When you’ve destroyed all four roadblocks, escort the van to its destination. In all the excitement you’ll have more than attracted the attention of the cops leaving you with three wanted stars to lose. Fortunately, the Pay’N’Spray is just around the corner and you’re pretty mobile on the motorbike, so lose the stars and enjoy the $9000 reward.

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